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Hey everyone;

So I just joined Soup. & I heard it's kinda like Tumblr. Lately Tumblr has changed & become almost as popular as Facebook or Twitter (maybe). My friends have one, half the school has one. Hell, Channel 10 News has one! Tumblr was my savior; a place where I could go and rant on about life & not have to care because nobody I know in real life would see. & We were like family there. Everyone knew everyone & we bonded over things we had in common. But now with everyone on it, half the people have left or don't go on it daily anymore. It's not as fun as it used to be when Tumblarity was still around. I'm hoping Soup can be an alternative, somewhere I can escape to when Tumblr becomes the new Facebook/Twitter.

But forget about that, it's not so much of a great way to start my Soup.

However, today is Gabriel Eduardo Saporta's birthday! Lead singer of Cobra Starship. Hope he has an awesome day. He's one of my role models.

Anyway. My name is Kim. I'm 15, short, fast and loud (most of the time). I live in Perth, Australia. I love music, art and books. I love Xbox/Playstation games (even though I am terrible at them). I LOVE FALL OUT BOY. & I think that's all that needs to be said :) Kimmeh out x

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